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The Infinite Family

supporting, connecting, and honoring neurodiverse families

1 program with 3 groups that meet at the same time, day, and location,

serving parent(s)/guardian(s), teens, AND siblings

Enrolling now for Spring 2020

Thursdays, 2/6, 2/20, 3/15, 3/19, 4/2, & 4/16/20 


Neurodiversity impacts every member of a family unit. This can be an isolating, unique, and sometimes very challenging journey. It can also be deeply enriching and rewarding in meaningful and unexpected ways. It can be hard to access the gifts and possibility associated with neurodiversity without the support of community and others who live it themselves. This program provides safe, supportive, community-oriented groups for all members of the family. Everyone gets to be who they are and belong, grow their self-confidence, develop meaningful connections with others, be accepted, understood, and supported with tools and strategies for greater thriving in the every day. 

This program has 3 unique and distinct groups -neurodiverse teens, parent/guardians, and siblings- while also allowing for opportunities to bring the whole family together in greater cohesion, ease, and even joy. 

​​~Neurodiverse Teen Group for 7-10th Graders

Adolescence can be an especially challenging time for kids who feel "different" from their peers or who have a hard time making or keeping friends. Focusing on each individual’s strengths, while providing support for challenges, this social group provides a safe space to practice relating, connecting, and discovering what it means to belong to a community.  Participants will grow their self and social confidence, self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, and relationship skills, practice navigating 

obstacles with greater ease, reduce their social-related stress or anxiety, cultivate leadership, and connect with their passions and innate gifts. We will also develop more flexible thinking and practice perspective taking. This group incorporates games, play, movement, embodiment practices, and other activities. Weather permitting, time will regularly be spent outside. 

~Parent/Guardian Group

You were given a sacred role to raise some of the most sensitive, gentle, caring humans, but let's be real, parenting sensitive adolescents can be incredibly challenging, isolating, and overwhelming at times. And when you have multiple kids, all with varying strengths and challenges, needs and wants, it be can be even more exhausting! You will get support for reducing conflict among siblings and among kids and adults, building confidence, navigating parenting obstacles with greater ease, speed, and collaboration, and discovering more joy-filled and creative parenting. We will create a community where you will be seen, heard, validated, and connected with others "who get it". As no two neurodivergent families are the same, we are founded on acceptance, compassionate support, belonging, and every person feeling valued for their contributions and experiences. 

~Sibling Group for ages 9-16

Despite the best of intentions, it can be so easy for siblings to take on a parentified role, feel like they need to be perfect, walk on eggshells, or feel that they need to shrink with regard to their needs, wants, and presence. This can lead to anxiety, depression, isolation, perfectionism, anger, resentment, or withdrawal from the family unit. At the same time, siblings tend to be deeply compassionate, empathetic, and helpers, in addition to all the other unique qualities that comprise their individuality. This group provides a space for siblings to be uniquely themselves, with permission to have all of their needs, wants, and hopes, and for the focus to be on who they are as individuals, while connecting with other siblings who really get it.  This group incorporates games, play, movement, embodiment practices, and other activities. Weather permitting, time will regularly be spent outside. 

~This all genders program was designed to support families and youth who feel "different" from their peers, are seeking social connection, and may also identify with: Asperger's, Autism with a high degree of independence, ADHD, Twice Exceptional, empath, learning differences, and/or social anxiety. Participants must have some basic skill with self-regulation and collaborating with others.

~Program meets for a total of 6 sessions with payment divided into 3 monthly investments of $295 per month. This includes 1 teen, 1 sibling, and up to 2 adults per family (Additional family members are welcome to attend for an additional fee). 

~Group meets in South Boulder 

​~This program values diversity in all its forms and welcomes families of all backgrounds and compositions, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, culture, ability, and neurology. 

Email or call/text 720.316.8130 for a free 15 minute phone consultation to determine if this program is a good fit for your family


Individual and Family Services

Counseling Sessions for Kids, Teens, Adults, & Families
Let's be real. Being a sensitive human living on this bizarre planet Earth is no easy feat. Sensitivity has the potential to be experienced as an innate gift, a superpower if you will, but instead it can often feel like a punishment, an obstacle to overcome, or a part of us that we just need to make disappear. Through person-centered, strengths-based somatic counseling, individuals and families discover how to harness their sensitivity for the benefit of themselves, their family, and the community. This often involves cultivating or expanding self-awareness, understanding emotions, learning how to navigate our emotions, discovering how to harness the wisdom of the body to feel more at ease in ourselves and in the world, and growing our social awareness and relationship skills so that we can feel more connected to those around us. 

Melt downs, explosions, loneliness, or isolation can be eased. 

Sessions may involve movement, creative self-expression, art, and nature and are co-created with the client to make it as engaging and useful as possible. Emphasis will be placed on building resilience and growing confidence, in addition to integrating the specific hopes and intentions of an individual or family. Some common intentions, in addition to what is listed above, are: body awareness, emotion awareness, self-regulation, reducing explosions or melt downs, problem solving, strength and flexibility (both mentally and physically), focus, confidence, boundaries (personal, interpersonal, and with technology), social awareness, relationship skills, and more. 

Sessions are 60 minutes in length. In-office sessions (south Boulder) are $130 and on-site sessions (at your school or office) in Boulder county are $150.   

The Infinite U is a provider for Imagine! ASD program. Sliding scale options available


Additional Groups

Many teens who think in unique ways can feel isolated, misunderstood, or lonely. Our social groups provide a space where individuals are accepted for who they are and as they are, embraced in their strengths, uniqueness, sensitivity, challenges, and all. "Social mistakes" are met with compassion, forgiveness, and are seen as an opportunity to practice. Expression of innate creativity and wisdom is a core value of these groups. 

The Infinite Teen Community: Tuesdays (currently full)
a place of belonging where neurodivergent teens be their infinite selves

Areas of focus include:

~self-awareness  ~self-regulation  ~confidence  ~social awareness  ~social communication  ~healthy boundaries

~self-love and self-compassion  ~acceptance of sensitivity, unique gifts, and personal challenges

The teens describe this as a "friendship group" that uses play, nature, movement, and games to support social awareness, navigate conflict, enhance social communication, and create a sense of belonging with other teens who struggle to make or keep friends.  

This group was created to serve teens who are/identify with one or more of the following: Asperger's, Autistic with a high degree of independence, ADHD, Twice Exceptional, learning differences, anxiety, highly sensitive, easily overwhelmed, and/or who have a hard time socially/making friends/keeping friends.  

Meets from 6:15-8pm weekly in Boulder and 1 social activity per month. Monthly membership is $275

The Infinite Teen Community: Older Teens (meets monthly)

This is a space where older teens (late high school or early college/post-secondary) come to be themselves, as they are, in all their brilliance, uniqueness, quirks, challenges, curiosities, and confusion...where they speak their mind, navigate obstacles, build friendships, cultivate resiliency, share their feelings and ideas, grow their confidence, philosophize about world issues, laugh, exchange stories, navigate increasing independence, and are respected and appreciated for who they are. We talk about what it's like to navigate different social situations, how to exit difficult conversations with confidence, how to stay anchored in one's sense of self even when others disagree or judge/criticize who you are, and more.  

We meet monthly for social events. Typically, this group  meets in the evening on Pearl Street in Boulder for dinner and/or dessert, games, exploring the mall, talking, being, etc. 

~$35 per event plus the cost of food/activity


The Infinite U ​Summer Camp 2019
2019 marks the 8th season of The Infinite U Summer Camp program!
When the usual structure of the school year fades away, kids who thrive on routine and structured activities can be left with elevated anxiety, possible loneliness, and risk of screen addiction. The Infinite U Camp Program provides a fun opportunity for youth to get out of the house and play, move their bodies, build self and social confidence, practice their social communication, grow friendships, foster resiliency, reduces stress, and more! This camp is a great fit for Asperger's, Autism, ADHD, anxiety, learning differences, twice exceptional, and other gifted/sensitivity. 

 All camps will be based out of the Recreation Center at CU Boulder. Each week is independent of the others. Grade refers to the entering grade in 2019-2020 school year.

Grades 7-9 
June 17-21, 9am-12:30pm
July 29-August 2, 9am-12:30pm
We will begin most of our days with swimming (3 pools to choose from, 2 indoor, 1 outdoor). There are diving boards and other pool games as well. Other activities may include: a planetarium show, a visit to a lego creation of the entire CU Boulder campus, basketball, soccer, volleyball, raquetball, tennis, football, ping pong, art/science museum, and more, based on individual and group preference. 

~Maximum of 7 participants with 2-3 staff (to minimize social anxiety and maximize support)  
~$335 per week. Camp grants are available through Autism Society of Boulder County:
~Camp meets at CU Boulder Rec Center

Grades 10-12
June 24-28, 9am-2pm
August 5-9, 9am-2pm
We will begin most of our days at the pool (1 outdoor, 2 indoor, diving boards, pool games). Other activities will include some combination of: ice skating, basketball, soccer, football, tennis, raquetball, volleyball, fitness, ping pong, either the climbing wall or outdoor challenge/ropes course, planetarium, art and science museum, a visit to a lego creation of the entire CU Boulder campus, and bowling, depending on individual and group preferences. On one of the days, we will have lunch in the food court and we may even go on a campus tour. This is a great opportunity for high school students to explore life on a college campus and build their self and social confidence.

~Maximum of 8 participants per week with 2 staff
​~$475 per week. Camp grants are generously available through Autism Society of Boulder County:
~Camp meets at CU Boulder Rec Center

Call 720.316.8130 or email for more information and registration 

For more information, call 720-316-8130 or email

​It is a pleasure to be of service!