Mission: The Infinite U provides somatically-oriented tools to support the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual development of neurodivergent kids and teens to instill confidence, create meaningful relationships, cultivate resiliency, and foster independence, helping the whole family, school, and community to thrive.

Vision: The Infinite U envisions a world where unique ways of thinking and behaving are valued, where creativity and passion are recognized as an individual's genius, and where each individual is encouraged to contribute their genius to the community, such that a more kind, inspired, and harmonious world is brought forth.


Established in 2009 by Nicole Calvano, MA, LPCC, E-RYT 200, The Infinite U was born from witnessing the power of bringing yoga to kids on the autism spectrum and their families. Community-based classes and private sessions provided a space for innate wisdom to come forth, body and mind to unite, and confidence, strength, balance, and flexibility to emerge and deepen. Personal strengths and natural ability were brought to the forefront and challenges were met with compassionate support.

With a desire to deepen and expand The Infinite U's mission, Nicole earned her Master's Degree in Body Psychotherapy from Naropa University in 2015. Her passion for witnessing the innate giftedness and strengths in others was then coupled with her new found passion for social and emotional learning. She realized that a missing piece in the pathway to connecting with our Infinite Self is becoming emotionally and socially aware. The more we listen to and understand our feelings and sensations, the more power we have to choose how to respond, rather than struggling with constant overwhelm and melt-downs or explosions. Additionally, as we are supported in cultivating satisfying relationships, feeling connected to community, and feeling a sense of purpose in that community, we are better able to express our full potential and feel inspired in the everyday.

Nicole is passionate about and dedicated to helping neurodivergent kids and teens live inspired lives, connected to their wholeness and passion. Nicole walks side-by-side with her clients, believing in their infinite potential and knowing the power that being seen and heard in our hurts, dreams, hopes, struggles, and fears has to transform.

More about Nicole Calvano, MA, LPCC, E-RYT200

2004: Nicole graduated from The College of NJ with a B.S. in Biology and a Minor in Women and Gender Studies

2007: Nicole completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Soma Yoga in Highland Park, NJ

2009: Nicole founded The Infinite U, LLC in NJ to serve families with children on the autism spectrum

2011: Nicole took additional trainings in yoga for kids and teens, moved from NJ to CO, and established The Infinite U in Colorado

2012-2015: Nicole attended Naropa University and earned her MA in Somatic Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Body Psychotherapy. She spent five months volunteering at Catalyst Independent High School in Lafayette, and interned for one year at Girls Athletic Leadership School (GALS) as the 9th grade counselor.

2016:The Infinite U celebrated its 5th anniversary of summer camp programs for neurodivergent teens and launched The Infinite Teen Community: A place of belonging where neurodivergent teens embrace their infinite selves.

2017: The Infinite U and Parent Engagement Network  will collaborate to host a talk on "The Gifts of Neurodiversity." The Infinite Teen Community expanded to Thursdays and The Infinite U Summer Camp, now in it's 6th season, expands again! 

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