The Infinite U

Mission: The Infinite U provides somatically-oriented tools to support the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual development of neurodivergent individuals and families to instill self and social confidence, cultivate resiliency, access innate strengths, and use these strengths as a foundation from which to grow. 

Vision: The Infinite U envisions a world where unique ways of thinking and behaving are valued, where creativity and passion are recognized as an individual's genius, and where each individual is encouraged to contribute their genius to the community, such that a more kind, inspired, and harmonious world is brought forth.

Our Story

With a desire to take this movement-based foundation even further to include the social and emotional aspects of a person, Nic moved to Colorado  to attend graduate school. Nic re-established The Infinite U and earned their Master's Degree in Somatic Counseling Psychology/Body Psychotherapy from Naropa University in 2015. They found a way to bridge their passions for the body, mind, heart, spirit connection, for nurturing the growth and development of highly sensitive people, and for creating safe social spaces rooted in acceptance and radiating our unique brilliance.

The Infinite U is committed to helping neurodivergent people of all ages remain connected to or restore their connection to their innate genius, while being compassionately supported in navigating challenges and overcoming obstacles. No person, no matter what their neurology, is exempt from having innate gifts and challenges. When these challenges are met with compassion, respect, and a foundation of strength, resiliency, confidence, flexibility, leadership, and growth are beautifully cultivated. We walk side-by-side with our clients, believing in their infinite potential and knowing the power that being seen and heard in our brilliance, hurts, dreams, hopes, struggles, and fears has to transform.

As much as we bring our playful side into session and groups, we are very serious about protecting the sensitivity, gentleness, and kindness of neurodivergent youth and grown-ups. We are certain that they are just as much teachers to us as we are to them, and that their wisdom continually helps us to grow into an ever expansive version of ourselves. We strongly believe that the neurotypical world has much to learn from our fellow neurodivergent community members. It is from this place of love, purpose, and vision that all new staff are hired and programs are birthed.

Our Team

Established in 2009 by Nic Calvano, MA, LPC, (they/them/theirs) The Infinite U was born in New Jersey from witnessing the power of bringing yoga to kids on the autism spectrum and their families. This was a truly transformative and life-changing experience for our founder. For the first time in their life, the most rejected parts of themself- sensitivity, depth, gentleness, and seriousness-became their most valuable assets. 


​Community-based yoga classes and private sessions provided a safe space for innate wisdom to come forth, body and mind to unite, and confidence, strength, balance, and flexibility to emerge and deepen. Personal strengths and natural ability were brought to the forefront and challenges were met with compassionate support. Kids connected with other kids, parents connected with other parents. It was utterly magical. 


Nic Calvano, MA, LPC

Founder/Executive Director &

Somatic Psychotherapist 

Emily Lane, BS 

Emily (she/her/hers) studied Neuroscience at the University of Colorado Boulder and is currently completing her master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of Colorado Denver. She is passionate about working with neurodiverse individuals and has been working with the Infinite U Community for the past three years. She is constantly amazed by the unique gifts, wisdom and creativity of the teens she works with. She is currently a co-facilitator for the monthly teen social nights. In her free time, Emily enjoys traveling and spending time out in nature.

Katie Bode,MA 

Katie (she/her/hers) graduated from CU Boulder in 2019 with an MA in Speech Language Pathology. Prior to joining the world of speech and communication, Katie worked with neurodivergent teens and kids in schools, outdoor recreation, and high adventure programs throughout the western US. As a home health therapist, Katie enjoys exploring social thinking with clients and taking a holistic view of communication. She also enjoys roller skating, hiking with her dog, and taking in the beauty of the Rockies whenever possible. Katie co-facilitated camp in 2018 and currently co-facilitates monthly teen social nights. 

Steph McBride, MA, LPCC

Steph (they/them/theirs) graduated from the Wilderness Therapy program at Naropa University in May 2018, is a psychotherapist, and is passionate about creating space for neurodivergent teens to share their gifts. Steph loves connecting with nature and being outside. They joined the team this summer as co-facilitator for our summer camps and will continue to share their gifts as the lead therapist for our newest teen community serving grades 7-9.

Alex Bernat

​​Alex (they/them/theirs) is a well-being educator and improvisational harpist who strives to leave each situation and each interaction better than they found it. Alex draws strongly from their own experience as someone whose style of thinking is quite outside the box, and has studied with the International Harp Therapy Program and at Quest University in Canada. They are particularly skilled at supporting people who fall through the cracks, teaching classes on health & wellness, self-care, music, and psychology in mental health and substance-abuse-prevention programs as well as working with youth of all ages as an empowerment mentor, nanny, healing musician, and educator. Alex also joined the team this summer as camp co-facilitator and will be co-facilitating both the middle and high school teen communities this year. 

Lior Alon

Lior (she/her/hers) is a creative nature-based counselor who weaves elements of the natural world into her sessions whether inside or outside the office. She uses her extensive experience working in wilderness therapy, addiction treatment centers, yoga studios, schools, summer camps, outdoor education centers, youth mentorship programs and rites of passage experiences to inspire unique, playful, transformative and most importantly meaningful experiences for her clients. She uses experiential, collaborative, strengths-based and body-centered approaches to support clients in strengthening their own intuition and wisdom. She is particularly drawn to working with neurodiverse youth, families, and anyone who is struggling with being a human on this Earth.  She is a graduate student at Naropa University studying Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy and is a Registered Psychotherapist.