The Infinite Teen Community :

a place of belonging for neurodiverse teens

Learning to identify, understand, and respond to our emotions is key to emotional health. Developing social awareness and how to have satisfying relationships helps connect us to others and feel our value.

Supporting neurodiverse kids and teens to embrace their infinite selves   

​The Infinite U believes that every individual comes to earth with inherent gifts and natural abilities to help make the world a better place. For neurodiverse kids and teens, factors such as sensory overwhelm, social and communication differences, anxiety, difficulty with transitions and changes, self-harming behaviors, and being bullied can leave them feeling disconnected from these gifts. The Infinite U supports kids and teens to discover their body as a safe and supportive "home," to replace their self-deprecating thoughts with self-worth enhancing thoughts, to understand their emotions and how to respond effectively, and to approach each day with confidence that: 

"I am perfect as I am!"

"I am the best me there is!" &

​"I have a purpose for being here!"


Social & Emotional Learning

The body plays a vital role in helping us to identify, express, and explore our emotions in constructive, health-inducing ways. 

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Body Psychotherapy

All day long we breathe. Yoga teaches us to breathe "on purpose" and generates feelings of safety and calm within. 

Uniting our breath with specific movements helps allow our emotions to flow. 

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The Infinite U