The Infinite Teen Community :

a place of belonging for neurodiverse teens

The Infinite U provides somatically-oriented tools to support the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual development of neurodiverse kids and teens to instill confidence, cultivate meaningful relationships... . ​Read more


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Redefining the way we think about  Autism, Asperger's, & other neurological differences...

a somatic-oriented approach to neurodiversity

The Infinite U believes that every individual comes to earth with inherent gifts and natural abilities to help make the world a better place. For neurodiverse kids and teens, factors such as sensory overwhelm, social and communication differences, anxiety, difficulty with transitions and changes, self-harming behaviors, and being bullied can leave them feeling disconnected from these gifts- and seemingly inseparable from their screens. The Infinite U supports kids and teens to with tools to soothe their nervous system and feel calm in their body (instead of frequent discomfort and agitation), to choose self-worth enhancing thoughts (and focus less on self-doubt), to understand their emotions and how to respond effectively (so that they and their environment can feel good about their reactions), and to connect with peers in a safe and supported way where social mistakes are OK (and not catastrophes or sources of humiliation ).




The Infinite U envisions a world where unique ways of thinking and behaving are valued, where creativity and passion are recognized as an individual's genius, and where each individual is encouraged to contribute their... ​Read more


Neurodiversity teaches us that there are a multitude of ways to think and behave and that neurological difference is a natural variant, rather than a disorder. Autism, Asperger's, ADHD, and learning differences... ​Read more

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