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Discover what is possible when yoga, body psychotherapy, and social and emotional learning unite

Learning to identify, understand, and respond to our emotions is key to emotional health. Developing social awareness and how to have satisfying relationships helps connect us to others and feel purposeful.

Where kids and teens identify, express, and appreciate their Infinite Selves.   

​The Infinite U believes that incredible things are possible when we learn to deeply listen to ourselves, to deeply know ourselves, and align our actions with what we truly want. Learning to be self-aware, to self-regulate, to be socially aware, to develop relationship skills, and to make responsible choices are the cornerstones of social and emotional learning. When combined with practices that teach body and breath awareness, such as yoga and body psychotherapy, we are provided with the essential life skills that are needed for health, well-being, and feeling successful in life. 

What if you were "allowed" to have feelings, were supported in understanding your feelings (including how to respond to them) and learned to use your feelings (and body) as an important source of information to help you make responsible choices?   

Social & Emotional Learning

The body plays a vital role in helping us to identify, express, and explore our emotions in constructive, health-inducing ways. 

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Body Psychotherapy

All day long we breathe. Yoga teaches us to breathe and move "on purpose." Uniting our breath with specific movements helps allow our emotions to flow. 

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